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Developing apps using the docomo APIs

The Following section summarizes the necessary information to apply and start using the APIs provided by docomo Developer support

The Flow diagram that demonstrates the Application & Development Process

Create your Account

Registering your new developer account is the first step and you can do the same by clicking on Register a New Account.

Creating your account is simple and completely free.

Apply for API Usage

As you click "New Application for API Usage" you will proceed to the screen where you can apply.

Once you have applied you will be issued an API Key for development purpose.

For the API (Photo Collection, docomo Phonebook, Data Storage BOX), the validity period of the API Key issued for development purpose is 90 days.

Note that certain APIs require a prior review of your Partner Registration Application.

Do the Development

Once your application for API usage is approved you will be issued with an API Key for development purpose.

You can develop the Apps with reference to the docomo provides API reference. Here

Apply for Commercial Usage

When you want to commercialize your App you should register by choosing the APIs you wish to use along with the details of the App you wish to commercialize.

Once the above process is complete the the API usage control restrictions imposed on the API key issued for development purpose will be removed and it will be possible to use the same API key for commercial purpose thereafter.

Note that certain APIs require a prior review of your App Review.

The document for App Review should include

1) App Business Plan/Proposal

2) Check Sheet download

Release the Apps

If you have created an iOS app or Android app, you can publish to the App Store or Google Play.

Note: You have to include a dDs credit in your apps.

Register the Public URL

You must register the URL of your published application to application information on the docomo Developer support. If you have created the Android and iOS apps, please register the URL of the Google Play or App Store.

When you plan on suspending the provision of your App.

Apply to Suspend the usage of APIs

Once the application process is complete the details of the corresponding App will be deleted and the API Key cannot be used.

CAUTION : We request you to understand that once you perform the above application it is not possible to revert back.

Caution Notice

Please make sure to fully understand the guidelines and conditions mentioned in our "Terms of Use" and "Common API Reference" and "Common API Guideline".

It becomes absolutely necessary that you adhere to the specified terms.

If there arises an occasion where we confirm that either "Registered App details tends to be false" or "Failure to adhere to the guidelines" or we detect your "Illegal usage of our APIs" please be informed that we will suspend your ability to access our APIs without any prior notice.

Also please be aware that certain APIs have seperate "Terms of Use" and it is necessary that you abide with the given specific terms in parallel to the common Terms of Use.

What is "Partner Registration Application"?

Some of our APIs available for usage due to their special characteristics leads to the need to verify the credibility of the developers.

If you choose to apply for those APIs that have the description "Partner Verification :Yes" then before can we issue the API key for development purpose we internally conduct a validation process to check your submitted details.

If the outcome of the validation process is successfull then we send you an official document containing the Partner key via postal mail.

After you receive the partner key and confirm the same at "My Page" then the API Key issued for development purpose becomes valid and you are ready to start developing right away.

* In case you apply as an individual developer please submit your identity document for eg: driver's license and in case you register as a corporate developer representing your company then you will need to submit the company registration certification.
We will perform the validation check based on these submitted documents.

What is "App Review"?

Please register your application for commercializing your App via "Commercial App

Registration" and upon receiving your application our team at docomo will conduct the appropriate review process and upon approval the usage control restrictions imposed on the issued API key will be removed.

Please note that the review process at docomo will be conducted in a span of few business days.

The document for App Review should include

1) App Business Plan/Proposal

2) Check Sheet download