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With our APIs you can increase your possibility to develop innovative Apps as we provide a variety of APIs
that can support you and enable a smooth App development process.

We provide Photo Collection API just to enable the customer to save his memories on the cloud based storage system & We provide Character Recognition API  in order to recognize the characters that appear within an image etc., You can choose the APIs that best match your service concept to start developing innovative Apps

1. Get to Know the Application process

Get access to the documentation of APIs that we provide.

Be sure to go through the [Common API Reference & Guidelines] before check in on each API in detail.

2. Apply for API Usage

We guide you through the application process to start using our APIs.

Register your new account and start applying from [My Page].

3. Start Developing

We wish to extend our support as you develop apps.

Check the section below for more updates.

For Commercial Use

For using APIs provided on docomo Developer support as a commercial*1, you have some restriction on each APIs. Please check conditions of use listed in following page.

*1 We define "commercial using" as to display your Applications which implement APIs provided on docomo Developer support to Google Play, App Store, Other application market, Web Site, and utilizing in Company.

Got a Question ?

Check our FAQ section in case you got any question on our APIs, development environment or related to any of our docomo services.