docomo cloud package

Cost Visualizer

A cloud cost analysis tool provided by docomo

What is Cost Visualizer?

This is the AWS Cost Analysis Tool, which allows us to analyze and visualize cloud costs and usage.



Cloud cost visualization

  • Time change of amount billed
  • Percentages and total of amount billed
  • RI utilization
  • S3 / Glacier utilization
  • On-demand, RI and Spot utilization
  • Consumption tax calculation
  • RI cost reallocation

Information related to AWS

  • Spot price
  • S3 response speed variation
  • Network latency between AZs and regions
  • Latency measurement from any server to any region or AZ

User permission settings

  • User management
  • Group management

Security measures

We give consideration to security and provide the product as a software license, not SaaS

Can be built for your AWS environment

System build example
System build example

Usage example

Reserved Instance
A model that allows you to receive a large discount on the time rate, compared to on demand instances, by reserving an instance in advance

Operation Screen Overview

line chart


Fee Structure

For now, this is sold as a set with the Docomo cloud package.

  • First year:

    190,000 yen (excluding tax)

  • Second year onward:

    +40,000 yen (excluding tax)

    *Updates provided as long as the contract is continued

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