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What you can do with the API of docomo. You will realize the idea using it.
API of the topic will be released one after another.


Want to make an interactive AI


Can have natural conversation.

Scenario Dialogue

Can have conversation with etitable flowchart.

Knowledge Q&A

Returns pinpoint answers.

Open Sentence/Speech Understanding

Understands speech and presents appropriate functions.

Natural Dialogue

It is a platform for developing voice service and products that can talk with humans.

Trend Article Extraction

Trend topics can be searched by genres and keywords.

Speech Recognition

Converts speech contents into characters immediately.

Text to Speech

Reads-out input characters.

Japanese Language Processing

Analyzes Japanese strings.

Want to use visual information

Image Recognition

Return Information of an object in an input image through image recognition.

Character Recognition

Reads image characters.

Acoustic Recognition

It recognizes the performance sound of instruments such as piano and guitar.

Want to work with external information

Transportation Search

Get the information of the public transport.

IoT Device Control

Controls IoT devices.

Want to manage data in the cloud


Can easily manage photo and video data by uploading them on the cloud.

Data Storage BOX

Can store precious data in customer's cloud.

Want to create more convenient Apps


Can determine the check-in/out to the virtual fence.

Location Information

Can know current location information.

DOCOMO Mobile Payment

You can conveniently combine Application payments with monthly mobile charges.


Want to use a convenient tool

Adhoc Communication SDK

Under off-line environment, can data communication of messaging such as between the terminal.

Common Guidelines
We present the guidelines to assist the developers in complying with all the requirements to use our APIs.
You can find a list of FAQs on each API.
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