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Character Recognition

    A Character Recognition API is a web API that reads words within an image. By extracting words from a corresponding image, position coordinates of the words and scores to indicate recognition accuracy can also be obtained.

    Basic Information
    Resources : REST, SDK(Android™,iOS,Server side JAVA)
    • Requirement : APP Review : Required
    Notice : Apps developed by using this API shall follow the conditions of guidelines.

    What is Character Recognition API

    By using our Character Recognition API, you can develop Apps that can recognize the characters from the photos captured via your smartphone.
    By comparing the word data base and order of recognized characters, it is possible to perform high accuracy character recognition accompanying correction of comparison results. By using this API, mashup services using character recognition technologies can easily be established.

    NTT docomo Service Use Case

    • Please check the App that was developed using our Character Recognition API.
    • We have customized the algorithm taking into consideration the place name, dish name and smart phone specifications .Please use the following App to evaluate the recognition feature in your smartphone.
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