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Data Storage BOX

    With Data Storage API you can obtain the folders/files stored in the your Data Storage Box. You can also download/upload files etc.

    Basic Information
    Resources : REST,SDK(Android™,iOS)
    • Requirement : App Review

    Please check to the API reference document and select the API endpoint.

    Deletion of Entire Data

    Deletes all the folders and files of corresponding users.
    Note, however, that in case an owner AP code is entered, only the folders and files of applications speciied with the corresponding owner AP code are deleted.
    Except for data storage box application, deletes collaborating application folders succeeded in deletion of entire folders and files.

    Request URL


    Method : GET
    Character code : UTF-8

    Request Header

    key Mandatory Description
    Authorization OAuth authentication scheme.
    See API Common Reference 2.3 for details.

    * With our SDK for Android™, iOS and Java, you can develop your Apps using our OAuth. Here is the SDK.

    Request Query Parameters

    key Mandatory Description
    owner_ap_cd Code to identify the AP that issued the IF.
    See "コード定義"('Code definition') in the specification for description of setting values.
    target_owner_ap_cd - Assign request owner AP code.
    Identify delete target AP.
    00000000 is not allowed.
    You can find a list of FAQs on each API.
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