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Data Storage BOX

    With Data Storage API you can obtain the folders/files stored in the your Data Storage Box. You can also download/upload files etc.

    Basic Information
    Resources : REST,SDK(Android™,iOS)
    • Requirement : App Review

    Please check to the API reference document and select the API endpoint.

    Preparation for Uploading

    Prepares uploading of files specified with IDs and paths.

    Request URL


    Method : POST
    Character code : UTF-8

    Request Path Parameter

    key Mandatory Description
    {path} Assign target upload file path.
    Length limit is 159 words.
    Regardless of whether one-byte or two-byte, counted as one word.
    (Describe absolute path from Data Storage BOX root path by separating with "/".)

    Request Header

    key Mandatory Description
    Content-Type Specifies the "application/json".
    Authorization OAuth authentication scheme.
    See API Common Reference 2.3 for details.

    * With our SDK for Android™, iOS and Java, you can develop your Apps using our OAuth. Here is the SDK.

    Request Body (JSON Format)

    key Mandatory Description
    owner_ap_cd Code to identify the AP that issued the IF.
    See "コード定義"('Code definition') in the specification for description of setting values.
    id - ID to manage files.
    At new uploading: Not specified.
    At uploading updates: Specified.
    size Overall size of the file to be uploaded.
    revision - Revision number(1~2147483647).
    At new uploading: Not specified.
    At uploading updates: Specified.
    hash_value - Hash value for the entire transmitted contents.(Hash function is MD5).

    Response Header

    key Mandatory Description
    Content-Type application/json is returned.

    Response Body (JSON Format)

    key Mandatory Description
    id Temporary ID to manage files.
    division_no Division number(1~2147483647).
    ・1 in case of new uploading.
    ・In case of restart, the smallest division No. of data which processing has not been completed shall be returned.
    division_size Unit of file division.
    You can find a list of FAQs on each API.
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