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Data Storage BOX

    With Data Storage API you can obtain the folders/files stored in the your Data Storage Box. You can also download/upload files etc.

    Basic Information
    Resources : REST,SDK(Android™,iOS)
    • Requirement : App Review

    Data Storage BOX provides each functional outline and reference per function provided by the Data Storage BOX API.

    Data Storage BOX

      App Review

    Acquisition of File/Folder Information(Acquisition of Meta Information)

    Obtains file/folder information specifided with IDs and paths.

    Acquisition of File/Folder Difference Information

    Obtains file/folder difference information specifided with IDs and paths.

    Preparation for Uploading

    Prepares uploading of files specified with IDs and paths.


    Uploads files specified with IDs and paths.


    Obtains files specified with IDs and paths.

    Deletion of Files/Folders

    Logically deletes files/folders specified with IDs, paths, and with/without revision.

    Moving Files/Folders(Name Change)

    Moves the folders/files specified with IDs to specified folders, or changes names with specified names.

    Acquisition of Used Capacity of Storage

    Obtains used capacity of cloud storage.


    Search files specified with paths.

    Creation of Folders

    Creates new folders under the folder specified with path.

    Copying of Files/Folders

    Copies file/folder information specified with IDs and paths.

    Deletion of Entire Data

    Deletes all the folders and files of corresponding users.

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