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Knowledge Q&A

    Knowledge Q&A is an API that returns an answer when a question is input in text. Questions can be input in natural colloquial style. Then straightforward candidate answers are returned.

    NOTE : This API can currently process Japanese input and returnes an appropriate reply in Japanese. Kindly treat the translation provided here as a reference.
    Basic Information
    Resources : REST, SDK(Android™,Server side JAVA)
    Notice : Apps developed by using this API shall follow the conditions of guidelines.

    Knowledge Q&A provides each functional outline and reference per function provided by the Knowledge Q&A API.

    Knowledge Q&A


    Knowledge Q&A

    This API provide answers to a puestion of text style.
    You can use text like natural conversation. Ansewers are responsed in JSON form.

    You can find a list of FAQs on each API.
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