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Knowledge Q&A

    Knowledge Q&A is an API that returns an answer when a question is input in text. Questions can be input in natural colloquial style. Then straightforward candidate answers are returned.

    NOTE : This API can currently process Japanese input and returnes an appropriate reply in Japanese. Kindly treat the translation provided here as a reference.
    Basic Information
    Resources : REST, SDK(Android™,Server side JAVA)
    Notice : Apps developed by using this API shall follow the conditions of guidelines.

    Service guideline

    Please be sure to use (answerText) and Link URL (linkUrl) in the answer texts and display them by associating them on the user interface. Please implement them so that the users can transit to linked pages by using the Link URL.

    ex.) : 
    1. ガガーリン (http://aaa.aaa.com)
    2. ユーリィ・ガガーリン (http://bbb.bbb.com)
    3. ユーリー・ガガーリン (http://ccc.ccc.com)
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