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Photo Collection

    By using the Photo Collection API, users can upload/obtain photos and videos onto/from the cloud.

    Basic Information
    Resources : REST
    • Requirement : App Review

    Photo Collection provides each functional outline and reference per function provided by the Photo Collection API.

    Obtain photo/video lists

      App Review

    Obtain Content ID List

    Metadata of contents are searched and returned.

    Content Deletion History Acquisition

    Obtains deleted content info. Retaining period of deleted history is 14 days.

    Obtain photos and videos

      App Review

    Obtain content info. (Original/Resized)

    Obtain original or resized files of contents.

    Content Info. Acquisition (Thumbnail)

    Obtain thumbnail images of contents.

    Content Info. Acquisition (Multiple thumbnails)

    Obtain multiple number of thumbnails of contents.

    Uploading of photos and videos

      App Review


    Registration of original data is possible by using the Content Writing API.

    Upload (With tag)

    Contents (Originals) are registered.Simultaneously with content registration, album tags can be assigned.

    Divided uploading(Obtain Upload IDs)

    Get UploadID for uploading partitioned contents.

    Divided uploading(Divided upload)

    Upload partitioned contents with UploadID.

    Divided uploading(Uploading fixed)

    Fix uploading contents.

    Check available cloud space

      App Review

    Checking of Available Space

    Available storage space can be obtained.

    Change of rotation info.

      App Review

    Editing Rotation Info.

    Edits rotation info. for specified contents.

    Edit trash box information

      App Review

    Moving & Recovery Contents To/From Trash Box

    Moves contents to a trash box (Temporary deletion) and recovers them from the trash box (Cancellation of temporary deletion).

    Deletion of Contents

    Deletes contents inside a trash box completely.

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